Slate is one of the most ancient natural rocks, foliated in thin layers. Slate is characterized by uneven riven texture in layers and by soil colors: black, grey with hints of green or pink.

There are two slate types: sedimentary and crystalline (metamorphic). The possibilities of slate product use differ in dependence of slate type: for interior or exterior (tiles or roofing and facade cladding). Slate quality and properties depend from its compounds: the less iron and calcite additive, the more slate products resist to humidity and low temperature.

Slate tiles can be used for flooring and wall finishing, thus granting interior exceptional originality. Slate tiles are especially suitable for floor. Due to exceptional texture it’s pleasant to walk on them barefooted. Slate tiles “breathe”, maintain comfortable ambient temperature and are non-slippery.

Slate is relatively light rock, resistant to humidity and harsh climate, which especially fits for roofing and covering of various destination buildings.

Slate tiles, so as roof and facade coverings area evaluated as one of most solid and durable natural stone products.