Travertine is a sedimentary rock. This classic “salvage” appearance rock differs from others due to natural holes in its surface, which during tile manufacture are filled in with special filler or are left unfilled, so granting travertine products natural or “aged” look.  This stone surface can be polished or semi-polished for shining, brushed, rounding natural cavity borders and enhancing natural holes. Tile borders may bet chipped evenly or polished, cut evenly and unpolished, broken, cut or made even. Travertine stone tiles are usually horizontally cut, thus making evidence of swirls and subtle patterns.    When the stones are cut vertically, linear veins are more vivid.  In most cases travertine tiles and other décor elements are matt, subtle, warm, cozy and pleasant for touching.

Travertine colors vary form warm soil tones to special light beige (for clean and precise travertine) to, creamy beige, ochre, walnut, cappuccino, grey, yellow and coral red.  Due to pattern variety, color and tone variation, travertine tiles are unique; in fact, there are no identical tiles concerning their pattern and texture.

Travertine is a rock of natural origin, so these tiles are solid and durable for years.  Travertine beauty is revealed with time so the tiles are ageless. As other natural stones, travertine is porous, so it absorbs humidity.  For perfect travertine products appearance and easy care special means for impregnation are recommended. Travertine product color intensity and surface look may be also changed with these means. According to wish, texture may be enhanced and crystal shining may be given to the surface.

Travertine tiles and décor elements are often applied for wall and floor covering in residence and commerce building interiors. Travertine is one of natural stones, suitable for yards and paths pavement. It also differs from other stones because is less slippery, so it is used in public buildings or in pool environment.

 There is a vast choice of travertine interior décor details: mosaics, wall and floor borders, trims, intrusions, medallions, mats, etc. Most of different kind travertine tiles and décor elements due to their similar colors perfectly fit together. 

Due to unique properties and price travertine is one of the most popular natural stones used in contemporary architecture, excellently applied to various styles (modern, classic, Provence, etc.) interiors.