Marble is a metaphoric rock, formed in deep underground due to high temperature and pressure from re- crystallized calcite or dolomite. This rock is characterized by crystalline surface texture, by patterns from various additives (mostly form clay, sand or iron oxide) and by wide color range: from classic white and black, various ochre shades and exceptional red, green and blue tones.

Marble tiles are evaluated not only for their impeccable appearance, but also they are solid, durable and resistant to fire and erosion. For perfect marble products appearance and easy care, special means for impregnation are recommended.

Marble products usually are fully polished with especially even and shiny surface. Marble tiles may be also unpolished (aged), partially polished, matt, brushed (thus conferring surface slight brushed texture), with uneven borders, special chipped edgings.

Marble elaboration types acquired through ages, grant the possibility to offer a wide range of products: marble tiles dimension variety is especially big; so as mosaics, mats, borders, etc.

Marble tiles are one of most commonly used natural stone products in various interiors, granting them special luxury and importance.